Teen Titans Go – LEGO Dimensions

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Product quality information;

Health Test Status: Done, Suitable for Health.

Production place: America

Quality Standard: Tested in accordance with European Standards. Suitable.

Product description:

Get ready to save the day with the weirdest, arrogant and sweetest alien! Join Starfire in the LEGO Dimensions multiverse and place this secret weapon in the LEGO Toy Pad. Unleash powerful blast of green energy to kiss the bad guys goodbye in crime fighting adventures. With their ability to interact with LEGO Rainbow bricks and quickly regain health in battle, no one can stop Starfire. Access Teen Titans Go! Explore psychedelic areas in Jump City, from Adventure World and Titans Tower to Wacka Doodles Amusement Park! Dive into the exclusive Battle Arena and test Starfire's fiery green orbs for greater odds against your family and friends. Hop on the Titan Robot for a roller coaster fun-filled adventure and then transform the Titan Robot into a T-Rocket or Robot Retriever for an even more supercharged adventure with the rest of the Titans gang! Watch the exclusive Teen Titans Go! This episode is to explore how this vibrant team of young superheroes come together as they stumble across the multiverse as they encounter new adventures and friends along the way.

Technical details

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