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As Kidy Love, we want you to know that we review all the books one by one to offer the best content to our children.

Details about this book:

Dough Type: 2nd Dough
Size: 28,5 x 24
First Edition Year: 2018
Number of Editions: 1st Edition

Content Control Status: Reviewed, Safe.

Book Paper, Paint Quality on Paper, Cover Quality Status: Inspected, Quality Condition Complies with Standards.

Material Health Status: Examined, Produced in accordance with European Standards.

Book Promotion Bulletin:

Just One Book? Book Description


A wonderful story from award-winning author Jeanne Willis and world-famous illustrator Tony Ross that will introduce little ones to the magic of books!

“A book is never just a book. Sometimes it can be a hat, sometimes a toy… You can even dry flowers in it. A book that can be anything you can think of. But most importantly, he is a very good friend and will never leave you.”


(From the Promotion Bulletin)


Illustrated by: Tony Ross


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