Ways of Preventing Epidemics with Preschool Activities-Corona and Others

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Dough Type: 1nd Dough
Number of Pages: 32
Size: 21 x 29,7
First Edition Year: 2020
Number of Editions: 1st Edition
Language Turkish

Content Control Status: Reviewed, Safe.

Book Paper, Paint Quality on Paper, Cover Quality Status: Inspected, Quality Condition Complies with Standards.

Material Health Status: Examined, Produced in accordance with European Standards.

Book Promotion Bulletin:

Ways of Preventing Epidemics with Preschool Activities-Corona and Others Book Explanation


The Corona epidemic, which started to surround the world as of the last month of 2019, unfortunately also affected Turkey. It is necessary to be knowledgeable and conscious in order to prevent this disease and reduce its effects.

Lemon Kids As a family, we want to bring this awareness to our children. Epidemics-Corona and Others with Events We prepared the book.

This book, which we have prepared urgently in accordance with social responsibility and in accordance with pedagogical principles, will be a good guide for our children.

Epidemics-Corona and Others with Events, çaims to ensure that our children are cautious without frightening them or causing them to panic. In the book, epidemic diseases and methods of protection from Corona are discussed in a systematic way from A to Z. While doing this, the social-emotional development characteristics of the relevant age group were taken into consideration. An entertaining narrative and activities that will not bore them are included.

Pages on self-care skills; It is enriched with a wide range of activities from coding to mathematics, from language exercises to reasoning and attention exercises.

“I want to raise awareness about Corona and all other epidemic diseases in accordance with the age of my child, without causing him to panic. » A bedside resource is ready for parents who say:       

Epidemics-Corona and Others with Events

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