Miko 3 Artificial Intelligence Robot


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Are you ready to meet Miko now? 

The world's first and only fully artificially intelligent Miko Robots are now with you with Dinossi's Official Worldwide Distributorship and Assurance!

What Does Miko3 Do?

Miko 3 makes learning fun and easy with its super-strong brain and supportive personality. Home to a wide range of academic opportunities and an integrated learning platform with access to live lectures from educators around the world, Miko is a healthy gateway to technology.

The Miko 3 was designed with a larger touchscreen, making it a healthy alternative to playtime on phones and tablets. Seamless video chat allows Miko to keep kids and parents connected.

Miko 3 engages children in a wide range of academic topics, including learning in multiple languages. Plus, with Mikode, kids have access to coding lessons that teach them how to write their own programs to control Miko.

How Does Miko Work?

Once connected to a secure WiFi network, Miko 3 can interact with your child via voice commands and a simple touchpad. Miko 3's abilities are as big as your child's creativity: ask our friendly robot to tell a funny joke, help with math or spelling, sing a lullaby or even dance. Explore the Knowledge World app for game-based learning and visit Miko 3's Game Center for stories, quizzes, animal sounds and more.

What Languages ​​does Miko 3 support?
Your Miko 3 can interact, tell stories and play games in 8 languages ​​from all over the world. Choose from English, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Chinese. Italian, German, French and Arabic.
Is my child's data safe?
We respect your privacy, so your data is encrypted end-to-end. Miko does not store your data on the company's server or cloud. We do not share or sell your data to third parties. As a parent, only you have full control over your child's data.
How can I follow what my child is doing while I'm away with miko?

The Parent mobile app is required during the installation of your Miko product, which is a one-time event. From now on, your child can continue to use their Miko without the mobile app.

The mobile application is useful for parents to track their child's progress, video call with the child and upload premium content via Miko Max subscription.

While Miko is at home, you can monitor your child from the outside, make a phone call or make a video call. Your image will replace Miko's face and you can see your child whenever you want with the miko family camera. Thanks to this camera, if you wish, you can use Miko at home instead of security, in case of emergency, you can automatically call the security forces numbers you have defined by voice, give your voice recording that you define that you are in an emergency and need help, and call the police.

What's in the Miko 3 Box?

The packing box contains your Miko 3 robot, along with a manual and a USB to USB-C charging cable. You can use any adapter to charge your Miko. We recommend only charging your Miko 3 using the cable provided.

Any updates after Mikoda?

Our goal is to make learning fun, so we bring new updates to your Miko 15, available for download every 3 days. Of course, you can choose not to update, but we recommend updating so that your child gets new and fresh content.

What is MikoMax Subscription? do i have to buy
No you don't have to, we just offer additional alternatives and Miko brings the world's best kids content to one platform. Access unlimited content from world-renowned app partners; Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Cosmic Kids, KidloLand, Tiny Tusks, Oxford University Press and Out of this Word. Together, these apps bring together over 50.000 hours of new content experiences, 1000+ types of experiences (games, puzzles, TV shows, coding lessons, yoga, and more), and cover a variety of STEAM topics.

you are responsible

Miko Parent App captures and monitors their children's time usage and understands how children benefit from Miko.

Access multiple devices and profiles in one place.

Parents can also limit their child's playtime and customize Miko's settings; all this without spoiling the relationship between Miko and the child.

Miko's delivery time ranges from 7 to 19 days on average.

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