Who Created Me?

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As Kidy Love, we want you to know that we review all the books one by one to offer the best content to our children.

Details about this book:

Dough Type: Coated
Size: 22 x 22
First Edition Year: 2019
Number of Editions: 1st Edition
Language Turkish

Content Control Status: Reviewed, Safe.

Book Paper, Paint Quality on Paper, Cover Quality Status: Inspected, Quality Condition Complies with Standards.

Material Health Status: Examined, Produced in accordance with European Standards.

Book Promotion Bulletin:

Who Created Me? Book Description


Our children ask many questions about Allah. One of them is Who Created Me? is the question. In this book, they will get the answers to their questions in accordance with their level, accompanied by a fun story and sparkling pictures.

If you have difficulty in answering your child's questions about Allah; If you cannot convey what you know and feel to him as you wish, this book will also help you.

Who Created Me? will become one of the bedside books in your home. With its carefully prepared text, pictures and quality printing, it will not fall out of our children's hands.


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